Luxury Care For your Pets in Dubai


It’s a part of their hygiene that cannot be compromised. But in fact, they too deserve a better style to look beautiful.



We have collaboration sessions with pets to identify their perfect behaviour. We have specially qualified behaviourists for this interaction.



At Pet's Kingdom, we are proudly offering pet relocation services in Dubai. We are here to move your beloved pet with complete peace of mind.



Choose from a wide range of Pet Supplies in Dubai at best prices. For pet owners who are in need of convenient high-quality pet supplies and accessories.


Super Care for your Super Pet

by the Well Known Dog Trainer & Animal Behaviourist with 30 Years of Experience

Bring your pets to their most favourite place, the Pets Kingdom and experience what they really deserve. Led by Chandra Mohan, an experienced dog trainer for 30 years provides services like boarding, daycare grooming etc for your beloved pets. We are a team of humans, who make friends with dogs easily as we are trained in such a way.

We take care of them when you are busy with your work or outside purchases.

We train them, we feed them, we play with them because we love them as equal to or even more than you do.

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This is how we take care of your pets.

Regular grooming is a great way to care for your pet.

No matter what animal you call a friend, taking care of them is an important part of letting them know you love them. At an affordable rate, your pet will be treated like royalty.

We train them, we feed them, we play with them because we love them as equal to or even more than you do. We have professional veterinary doctors and nurses for providing them good health. As we are very strict on their hygiene, we take extra care on their basic cleanliness.


Clipping their nails to prevent problems with walking.

Brushing their teeth to reduce bad breath.

Bathing them to reduce dander and itching and it will make your pet more comfortable.

Brushing your pet's coat to keep their hair loss to a minimum


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