Super Care for your Super Pet

Bring your pets to their most favourite place, the Pets Kingdom and experience what they really deserve. Led by Chandra Mohan, an experienced dog trainer for 30 years provides services like boarding, daycare grooming etc for your beloved pets. We are a team of humans, who make friends with dogs easily as we are trained in such a way.

We take care of them when you are busy with your work or outside purchases.

We train them, we feed them, we play with them because we love them as equal to or even more than you do.

Meet Chandra Mohan

Well Known Animal Behaviourist & Founder of Pets Kingdom, Dubai

Very few people can accommodate all kinds of pets into their life. They have the divine ability to understand them, talk to them, celebrate with them and love them unconditionally. Meet such humans at the Pets Kingdom, led by Chandra Mohan, an experienced dog trainer for 30 years.

Chandra Mohan has 30 years of experience in Dog training. Everything started when his father gifted him two puppies when he turned 15. Being an avid dog lover he used to visit dog shows frequently. While in India, he was the official dog trainer at Kottayam Kennel Club, Kerala. Later, he became the most celebrated dog trainer in India.

Moving to Dubai, his trained dogs won many achievements such as the Best Dog in UAE title, not just one time but 7 times making Chandra Mohan pet lovers favourite trainer. He has attended wide variety of training and seminars from different countries such as France, Thailand etc. He has a way with pets that can be hardly understood by others. Currently, in UAE, Chandra Mohan is busy with providing counselling for pet owners, training and grooming them.

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