Dog Training


Owning a dog is a great thing and it is supposed to bring happiness to your life. For example, If you are having any sort of stress due to your dog such as a house full of pee everywhere, destroyed sofas, chewed shoes, a neighbour complaining about your dog's barking or aggression etc, you definitely need help.

When it comes to Dog Training, this is the question that comes to every dog owners mind. Does my dog need training?

With our experience so far, we would say that it’s not the right question.

Every dogs need training; so the question needs to be rephrased: Is it necessary to hire an expert to train my dog?

Training dogs or any other pets, is an art. It requires experience, knowledge, time and patience, infact a combination of all these factors Each dog is unique and has different behaviour and hence you might need expert assistance in training your dog, exactly the way you prefer.

Here are the different type of training we offer at Pets Kingdom:


Basic obedience training ensures that your dog is obedient to you through the use of commands like sit, stay, lay down, etc. This being an advanced version of the behavioural training, usually comes with some basic training to resolve any behavioural problems too. This type of training is suitable for younger dogs as well


Advanced obedience training course will be decided after the full obedience training course. This includes Spin, Speak, Roll, Long sit, Long stay, Food refusal etc. Some dogs quickly learn this but some may not and hence this is a customised course based on what your dog learned from the basic obedience training course.


The trickiest among all, toilet training is a very important course especially for puppies. If you have no garden or you live in apartments, held up with a busy lifestyle, has work for long hours or travel a lot, then we strongly recommend this to ensure that your dog learns exactly where to pee.


Most problem behaviours are NORMAL dog behaviours that are simply unacceptable to the humans they live with. We teach your dogs to develop good relationships with other living beings in its environment. This course includes some basic commands, but the end goal is to make them good citizens as dogs. In this training we deal with behavioural problems like excessive barking, chewing, or housebreaking. Our behavioural training & socialisation course can make your canine companions better and happier pets.