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How to Find Your Lost Dog

Your dog might lose directions at times and might need you to find them. Finding your lost dog involves few steps and involves great understanding of your pet.

A dog is considered to be man’s best companion for the loyalty and love they give. A man who is so used to his pet dog gets depressed and annoyed if he doesn’t find his/her pet after a hectic day outside. He makes every possible effort to find his pet. The probability of finding a missing dog is undetermined but PetsKingdom, one of the best pet service providers in UAE enlists few to-do things when you find your dog is missing.

The tips listed below can help you track your missing dog effectively. Whether you are trying to find out your furry friend or want to help any dog-owner in bringing back his pet, make sure to check these tips right away:

  1. Begin from inside the house. Thoroughly search your house, covering each room and place. Don’t forget to look behind and under your furniture. Remember to check all unlikely places such as behind and in appliances, behind access panels, like Refrigerator or washing machine and so on. Always call out the dog’s name while you search for him.

  2. Check with the family members and friends. It is possible that someone took the dog out for a walk or at a friend’s place.

  3. If your pet has a microchip, contact the microchip company to trace your pet.

  4. Walk around in the neighbourhood with a photo of your dog as well as few of his favorite treats. As you begin searching, call his name (also use nicknames, if there are any).Inquire your neighbors about your pet.You can even ask them if they can help you in finding your pet dog.

  5. Be alert and check for signs of your dog like footprints or poop. These can lead to follow the dog’s path.  As you wander around streets, look in every direction including upwards and downwards. Use a flashlight to check in dark surroundings. Take your pet’s bedding and clothing to the location your pet was last seen. Keep the gates closed.

  6. Check with nearby animal shelters. Always keep a photo of your pet dog handy and the medical card from your vet. This will contain almost every detail like photo, name and identification.

  7. Check with police, veterinarian offices and pet shops. Ask if anyone has reported or brought in a lost dog.

  8. Check with local auto as well as online cab drivers who drive around your locality. These people drive around the local areas day and night and might have noticed your stranded pet.

  9. Make a poster of his picture and your contact details. Stick these posters all over your local area, covering booths, post-offices, grocery shops etc. Also, use online platforms such as twitter and Facebook to spread the word. Moreover, you can also take help of online sources that work to find lost pets.

We hope you will soon find your companion