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How to gain a Dog’s trust

Winning your pet’s heart isn’t just an easy cookie, it needs patience and constant perseverance. Be that a new dog you are going to adopt or your friend’s new pet, gaining their trust is the way to their heart.

Befriending a dog for the first time is just like striking a conversation with a stranger. Winning your dog’s trust is really an accomplishment and gaining a place in your dog’s heart. Winning an unfamiliar dog’s trust means a more relaxed, less stressed pet so that you both can have fun. A happy pet makes a happy owner, which makes it important to provide them with trust.

A pet person is always regarded as lovable and caring. Meeting someone with a dog and gaining his/her dog’s love is a way to their heart too. Or to help anxious and nervous stray dogs. However, you might be eager to prove your ease with dogs. One can’t totally understand what the dog is up to until they shrink or growl. The fear dog at the corner of the room turns the table around with you at the corner failing to impress an angry barking dog.So how can the pet dog accept you? It is a bit of a psychological move, ignore the dog completely and talk with the pet owner. This will make the dog understand that you are accepted by his owner which in turn boosts their confidence. Be upfront with the owner and give the dog its time and space to approach you in his own time. This way you impress not only the dog but the owner with your knowledge of canine psychology.

Pets Kingdom lists out a few tips for making the stranger dog trust you and his friends, so that next time you have a knack with dogs that’s impressive.

  1. Stay calm
    Out of happiness of meeting a new dog, don’t overflow your excitement over them. If you approach a dog in an excited state, it can make the dog excited and make them jump up on you. It can also trigger a dog’s fight instinct if a stranger with high energy approaches.

  2. Time and space
    A dog will always find unfamiliar people or places a little scary. They needed to be reassured that the new person at your home is friendly and a lot of fun. Give the dog it’s time for an inspection and gain confidence in confronting the guest. Avoid confrontations from behind and introduce yourself to the dog with his favourite treat or meal.

  3. Be at their level
    Approach the dog from the side, not from the front or backside. Through the side, dogs will consider you in their personal space.  Simply by avoiding direct eye contact, you hint the dog about your acceptance. You might even try yawning which signals them that you are subconsciously reassuring the dog.

  4. Understanding the dog’s body language
    Dog’s uneasiness can be understood by Turning the head and diverting his gaze, Lip licking, Yawning, Raising a paw, Showing the belly or A lowered head and low ears etc… A dog showing signs needs time to get used to you.

  5. Let them come to you
    If the dog sniffs your hands and stays calm, then you can pet her. That’s her signal. Never touch an unfamiliar dog from above. Licking you is accepting you. However, if she turns her head away or doesn’t pay any attention, she’s just not interested. It’s okay, just like humans, all dogs aren’t the same.

  6. Reward and Routine
    Drop a treat if you were trying the above steps in front of a dog. This will associate you with good things and gain confidence, before moving in with a full-scale fuss. As a pet owner, be obligated to your dog by following their routine every day, spoiling it might lead to loss of sense of security for them. This provides a solid foundation on which he can learn to trust you.

  7. Walk with them
    The above-said tips can work when you meet a dog for her adoption. Let the puppy come to you and wait for that moment after giving her enough time and space. For a dog to follow its leader, you need to earn her trust. This can be gained by taking your dog outside. This makes them realise the love and protection they enjoy being with you. Your calm-assertive tone of command will make her feel safe with you.

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