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February 15, 2021
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How to happily relocate your pet?

Pet relocation services in the UAE from the Pets Kingdom help pet owners to take pets to their new place without any hassle. This article is a pet relocation guide in the UAE.

A true pet owner would treat their pets like their own children. When it comes to house shifting, pet relocation becomes a major concern when safety and care is a priority. Always choose the best pet relocator while house shifting to make your shift experience lighter and happy. Choose the right and trustworthy relocation companies like Pets Kingdom for pet relocation in Dubai. They have been known for their expert and truly caring services. This article is a pet relocation guide for any pet owners who are planning to relocate.

If you are travelling by air

Your pets can travel with you on the flight if they come under defined size in the aeroplane company policies. You can keep them in a crate and place them under your seats. Many airlines support this kind of travelling under definite rules and policies. You can also shift them on other flights as cargo. You can either travel on the same flight or take a different one, depending on the policy of the airline.

Medical care for pets

Before you relocate your pet make sure they are healthy. Check for guidelines of the airline you are choosing for travelling along with your pet. Consult a vet on regular intervals and make sure the pet’s health is in check. A medical document is needed to show the authorities that your pet has been examined and has a clean bill of health. Provide them with the needed vaccines and medicines that are required in the new place where you’re shifting.

Ensure your pet has valid documentation that includes your pet’s microchip number, its date of birth, the validity of treatments such as rabies vaccination and other vaccinations records.

Make sure to check the pet travel policies of the aeroplane company before purchasing the ticket. Many airlines do not allow pets that are sedated or drugged to sleep while boarding. Pets that are seen as aggressive, big in size, sick or troublesome for the gate security, might not be allowed to travel. Make sure your pet is at ease while boarding.


The crate is very important when it comes to shifting your pets. Your airlines can reject your pets on the ground of a bad crate. Make sure the crate you put your pet in is completely perfect in order. They should be neither too small nor too big. The locks and handles should be properly in place, unbroken. The entire interior of the crate is without single damage.

Trying to relocate your pet to/from the UAE is a lengthy and detailed-oriented process. The process can quickly turn into a nightmare for you and your pet if you miss out any small details. This is why it’s always best to hire a professional that provides pet relocation services – they handle everything from obtaining the permits to scheduling flights for your pets and obtaining the necessary documents.

Hire the Best

It is important to train your pets before relocation so they remain calm and composed during travelling. At the same time, it is also very important you choose the right packers and movers to relocate your pet safely. Shifting pets in a place like Dubai is not at all easy but the task is made less daunting by Interem Relocation, one of the best international movers in Dubai.