Pet Grooming and its importance
April 21, 2021
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April 21, 2021

Keep the Fur healthy

Maintaining a healthy pet is an obligation you have to your life when you have a pet at home. How can an essential diet make your pet healthy and more playful?

30% of the daily protein requirement in dogs and cats are used for the replacement of dead skin and hair. Obviously, proteins play a major role in maintaining the goodness of your pet’s fur. Deficiencies can arise either from food sources that are low in protein or contain poor sources of protein. Diseases such as parasitism or malnutrition can also make your pets affected with disease or sickness leading them to no active and playful life.

Protein deficiency can be identified by pet’s rough, dry thin coat with or without bald spots, abnormal shedding cycles etc. Adult dogs need at least 20% protein in their daily diet. Puppies and kitten need more. Most of the manufactured pet foods adhere to these ratios to help pets to have a healthy life. Pet owner  should choose a ration that contains protein from multiple food sources to ensure your pet gets a well-balanced meal.

But never give high protein foods for long, they can be rarely or completely avoided for the better health of your dog or cat. Unprescribed levels of protein can cause long term kidney disorders in them. Anyway consult with your vet before putting them on diet. Adequate vitamins and minerals are needed for healthy skin and hair. However, they should never be used indiscriminately to treat skin conditions or disorders. Giving your pet large amounts of one particular vitamin or mineral could actually lead to other deficiencies.

Our bodies work almost the same, so you can imagine the discomfort it brings to pets when they are infected with a disease. The rules of good nutrition are the same for you as well as your pet and ensure that they get regular check ups  and a proper diet. Remember good pet grooming and good nutrition habits will keep your best friend healthy and happy.

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