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Kitten Care For Newborn Kitten

Taking care of a NewBorn kitten is a responsible task. It involves many do’s and don’ts. Read more to know how Pets kingdom, a leading pet service provider in UAE suggests kitten care.

Kitten care is an important stage through the lifetime of the kitty. The early kitten days are of much significance considering their overall well being and happy adult life. The coaching and the care of raising kittens establish a good ground for them to grow and enjoy their early days to the fullest. Pet’s kingdom, a trusted pet service in the UAE in this article provides various facts, advice, tips and tricks for the betterment of kitty care.

You must not interchange a cat’s milk with any other alternative to be fed to the new-born. You should not separate the kitties away from their mother cat for at least 45 days from birth. Never hold the kitten at their back.

After three-four weeks after birthing, you can start feeding the kitten with a feeding bottle. From milk, you may step by step shift the diet by supplying half sound, half liquid kind of foods. A month after birth you could commence giving canned nutrients to your kitten. It’s better to chip up the best dry kitten food thinly at the start. And in the sixth week, you might render solid foods to your kitten.

Play around with the kitten whenever possible. Kittens are playful and demand attention. As a compassionate and trusted owner, you will have to buy sensible toys for the kittens to play. The safest toys shouldn’t be large to avoid swallowing and not small enough to avoid flapping about. Do play with your kitten with the toys you have purchased.

Extra care needs to be done regarding dental check of kittens. Most of the kittens get early dental problems. To keep such instances away, the owner needs to keep checking for dental issues from their early days. Cat’s dental troubles are painful and might cost much at the vet. To avoid dental issues, give them dry kitten food. Dry food cleans the kitten’s teeth and makes the gums a lot healthier. A different way to help to avoid that dilemma is to brush the teeth of your kitty. Amazingly, this is a task that cat owners verify to be an easy job.

After vaccination, kittens should stay inside no less than a week. PetsKingdom recommends checking a few tips while buying food for growing kittens.

  1. The best kitten food is the one that addresses your kitten as a whole. It should be holistic. As in, all the food ingredients, antioxidants and nutrition should be present in it. Ingredients like chicken meal, fish oil, lecithin, and grass extract can help growing kittens.
  2. The best dry kitten food will have NO ‘by-product’. The by-product is the leftover of the animals and vegetables. It could include anything like blood, husk, muscles of chicken feet which are protein-rich.
  3. Find food that has plenty of Omega 3. Though the packaged dry kitten food consists of less Omega 3 elements, one can always give fish oil and flax seeds to the kitten for proper development. Omega 3 supports the health of your kitten’s skin and helps in developing a good coat.
  4. The best dry kitten food will not have any artificial flavour, preservative or colour present in the food. Preservatives can cause health problems in humans and animals alike. Plus, artificial colours and preservatives have no nutritional value.
  5. If you are petting for the first time, it is advisable to take the suggestion from the vet, as they know better what kind of dry kitten food is best. Based on the number of months, breed and size the vet suggests the food that would be good for the cat.

You can contact PetsKingdom for pet boarding and pet grooming services in the UAE. A well-groomed kitten will always have a healthy life.