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Pet Dental care in UAE from Pets Kingdom.

Dental check up of your pet is an essential check up done while you avail complete pet grooming in Dubai. How can your pets have long lasting healthy teeths?

Most pet owners often tend to give less importance to pet’s dental hygiene. On every vet visit, you might have noticed how doctor’s check your pet’s dental situation. Many of the pet owners tend to ignore them fearing high prices for the procedure. Sadly, many of our favourite dust-mops do NOT receive these critically important services because of their owners’ fear of the price tag.

As your pet crosses their 5th birthday, 70% of pets have been found to be affected by some kind of disease which is mainly due to the careless attitude towards dental health. Tartar and plaque harbor bacteria, which is released into the blood and travels to organs, leading to damage over extended periods of time.

Pets with gingivitis should be placed on oral antibiotics 2-4 days before their teeths are cleaned, to reduce bacterial infection as much as possible. The vet should employ ultrasonic dental scalers, Not just hand scaling with hand-held instruments. Puppies have 28 temporary teeth that come in after three to four weeks. Once this occurs, 42 permanent teeth come in at about month four. Symptoms of gum disease: yellow and brown build-up along the gum line,in-flamed gums and persistent bad breath. Broken teeth are a common sign of dental problems.

Your pet might already be in pain if they are already suffering from periodontal disease. In that case don’t subject your pet to clumsy, brutal methods of dental extraction. Maltese mouths are tiny, with easily fractured jaws. Proper tooth removal includes using power equipment to section multi-rooted teeth, and surgically closing the extraction site afterwards.

Pet owners should look for warning signs of bad breath, change in eating or chewing habits, pawing at their face or mouth and depression. If any of these signs are present, the pet should be taken to a vet immediately. Pet grooming is a nice practice for your pet to get them groomed well, most grooming services in Dubai offer pet dental check ups in the service package. Pets Kingdom, a trusted and reliable service which covers almost every requirement of pet owners. Pets Kingdom offers dematting, ear Cleaning, nail clipping, medicated shampooing, teeth brushing, Anal Gland Cleaning etc some of the service offered.

To ensure that you, as a pet owner, can reduce the risk of oral disease for your pet, start by scheduling a routine physical examination that includes a dental exam. Or you can book a pet grooming session at Pets Kingdom, pet experts will check your pets and help you in having a better life for your pets.

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