Puppy Training done right!
March 2, 2021
Enrolling your puppy for Pet training in UAE
March 2, 2021

Understanding A growing puppy

As a pet owner you need to know various growing stages of your puppy. This article is about various home and institutional pet  training in the UAE.

The first year of your puppy is critical for their growth. Their puppyhood should be learning and critical periods for their growth. The initial first year is therefore important for your dog’s life. When a puppy is born it begins to grow and develop rapidly. Its emotional development also grows by leaps and bounds at this critical stage in its life. However the successful development of your puppy begins with the breeder and how they treat the puppy, while the puppy is with its mother.

After the mother leaves, usually around 6- 8 weeks old puppy, it’s turn to influence your puppy’s development by the way you treat him during the puppyhood. Good socialization is the key to success at this time. Taking the trouble to make sure your puppy meets people and other dogs can have a positive impact on puppy and the owner.

All of us, from time to time, get busy getting on with our own lives that we tend to forget . It is only when your puppy is away from you, for maybe two or three days, that you notice a huge difference in his behavior. In order to understand the many stages of your puppy’s development we must take a closer look at these critical periods.

A dog’s pregnancy usually lasts 60-65 days. And when the puppy is born it relies on the nourishment of the mothers’ milk for the first three weeks of its life. At this stage they provide them with heat lamps to keep it warm, it must rely on its mother for warmth.

Puppies learn to crawl forward in a circular pattern searching for mother, making funny noises. Mother dog understands what these unique sounds mean and quickly responds by letting him know she is close by. Puppies are quite dependent on their birth mother, for protection and nourishment. Their only concerns at this point are the care, food, and warmth that he receives from his mother. After 18 days, the puppy starts responding to sound and starts moving.

As they grow, they become more agile and naughty. Now the puppy is really motoring and at around twenty days, his first teeth will appear. Unfortunately the mother dog will have to bear serious pain as those sharp teeth will hurt her nipples. It’s time for weaning and introducing solid food as the mothers milk supply begins to dry up.Around this stage the puppies will have control of their tails and like a raised flag will begin to wag. This is surely a dog to be proud of.

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